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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Walk & Talk Therapy


"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks" - John Muir


For those of you who process emotions better while moving; you may want to consider Walk & Talk Therapy. This a creative, non-traditional approach to therapy. You will meet me at a specific time and location for a session. You will discuss your life’s challenges and stress, while walking outside instead of being in an office.

This is still a therapy session, different than a casual walk with a friend, because:

  • You are walking with an objective, trained clinician—a careful listener who will give you feedback and can help you find ways to relate to difficult thoughts or emotions in a different way

  • You are offered not just conversation, but also mindful exercises and strategies to help you shift perspective on problems

  • Your therapist does not have an agenda for your outcomes and is in this way, completely on your side.


This is best for those who:

  • like to be outdoors instead of in a therapy office for sessions

  • would like to jump start having more exercise and physical activity in their life

  • say they can problem solve more creatively when walking or moving

  • find it easier to connect to themselves while in nature    


In summary, if it is easier to connect to yourself while moving in nature instead of being inside, this may be for you. Talking while looking out on the road ahead feels more comfortable for some than looking directly in the eyes of a therapist while being with intense emotions or thoughts. If this all resonates with you, please contact me to discuss.


Please be informed that insurance plans typically don't cover outdoor therapy and sessions will be scheduled weather permitting. Your intake/first session will take place at my office. 


In case you like to read more about this modality of therapy and its psychological benefits, please look at the different links as follows:






Helpful Forms

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